5 steps to income
to 100,000 $

Making money from your exclusive content is easier than it sounds. Our guide will help you understand the intricacies and start the process of making money.

Step 1. Complete your profile 100%


It will be better if you can be clearly seen on it.

Profile header

A high-quality picture that matches the theme of your content.


Write down a few words about yourself and what you will publish, define the topic of the content.

Step 2. Add at least 10 posts

No one wants to go back to an empty account, much less subscribe to it. Fill it with content to keep your new friends interested.

Step 3. Make content available not only to friends, but to all users


Make some of your publications open. New users will follow you more often if they understand what kind of content you are doing.


If people like your content, we will recommend it for free on the home page.

Choose a publication format

New publication

Step 4. Share on social media about your FriendsOnly account

Subscribe to my

account FriendsOnly

More details

Stories in Instagram

Post photos and videos, interest the audience so that they want to subscribe.

Link in the profile header

Your social media followers are the main audience for your income.

Step 5. Set affordable prices for your content right here and now



Set a catchy price. For example, 99 ₽ instead of 100 ₽.

Monthly subscription

Our service operates on a monthly subscription, so put up a lot of new content so that your friend wants to repeatedly renew the subscription for another month.
These simple steps will be enough to dramatically increase your profits and bring even the wildest dreams closer. We wish you every success! Still have questions? Perhaps you will find answers to them in the «Help» section.