How to earn with FriendsOnly?

General questions

FriendsOnly allows authors to make money by having their paid content viewed. There are several ways to monetize content. 

  • Subscription to an author - this is the main way to earn money for published content. The author gives access to most or all published videos. Any FriendsOnly user can get a monthly subscription to watch the videos. The price is set by the author in the range between $2.95 and $100.

    • An author can set any free trial period: 24 hours or three days. During this period a user can cancel the subscription without paying anything.

    • In case an author raises the price of the subscription, this will apply to new users only — all existing subscribers continue paying the amount set at the start of their subscription.


  • Watching paid videos — an author can make some or all videos available to users only after paying for them. This option is recommended to be used in addition to subscriptions. FriendsOnly users can watch paid videos and only then subscribe. Current users have an opportunity to pay a bit extra and watch more videos in addition to their existing subscriptions. 

  • Tips — any FriendsOnly user can leave tips after watching any video, even if it is initially free. 


  • Paid lives* —  an author can do live streams for their subscribers who have paid for the access. The price is set by the author.


  • Paid videos in chats* — an author can send a video to their subscriber through a private chat. The price is set by the author.

* The feature is undergoing testing and is currently unavailable.