Why is FriendsOnly better than others?

General questions

FriendsOnly social network is extremely convenient for both users and content creators. The authors get access to easy methods of promotion and analytics. But unlike other social networks all tools are free and don’t require long-term learning. Any question regarding the use of the platform can be addressed to a personal manager.


The advantages of FriendsOnly for content creators: 

  • Most profitable conditions on the market: 80% goes to the author and 20% is the system commission.

  • Freedom of expression: authors can create videos on any subject, as long as they don't violate the law.

  • Free promotion: most popular free videos of the author are displayed on the main page and are visible to all users. The more interesting videos the authors have in the public domain, the higher the chances are for them to get viewed by other users, who can then become their subscribers.

  • Analytics data in the profile: audience engagement statistics. This data allows to better understand the audience’s preferences in order to create more popular content.

  • Referral program*: a user gets 5% of the author’s earnings, if this author registered on FriendsOnly using the link sent by the user.

  • Gifts for subscribers**: when an author reaches certain numbers of subscribers ( 7000, 27 000, 97 000 and 247 000) they get valuable prizes. The top bonus is a Mercedes-Benz C-class.


The advantages of FriendsOnly for subscribers:

  • The site’s main page recommendations: this gives an opportunity to find an author with interesting content. 

  • Trial period: some authors provide trial periods of 24 hours or three days. This gives an opportunity to rate the quality of the content before paying for the subscription.

  • Free content: compared to similar platforms, FriendsOnly gives access to a lot of free content.

** Is not an offer. Promotional terms are subject to change.