Why do I need account verification and how do I do it?


Account verification is required for all FriendsOnly users who want to post their content on the site. Regardless of the content, the author must be legally an adult on the day of all published videos’ verification. In case of violation of this rule, the user’s account will be blocked without the right to restore. 

To verify your account, go to profile settings. To do this, either click ‘Become an author’ on the main page or click on your profile icon in the top right corner and select ‘Become an author’.

On the page that opens, indicate your citizenship, gender, type and number of the identification document (passport, ID, driver’s license). Please note that for passports with a series and number, you’ll need to enter both the series and the number separated by a space. For example, for Russian passports: 1234 123456, for Ukrainian passports: AB 123456.

Click ‘Continue’. At the second stage, upload a high-quality scan or photo of the first and second (for passports) pages of the specified document. Click the field with a document image and upload the photo from your computer. Click ‘Confirm’. 

At the third stage, upload your photo with the specified document being open. Your face in the photo must be well lit. In the photo, your face shouldn’t be hidden by glasses, a scarf, the document itself or any other object. Please note that the information in the document should be visible in the photo. Click ‘Confirm’.

At the fourth stage, the system will generate a short number. Write it down on a piece of paper. Take your photo with this number in the frame. Please note that in the photo your face shouldn’t be concealed by any object and the written number should be visible. Upload the photo to the site, tick the Site Terms of Agreement checkbox and click ‘Confirm’.


If the check confirms the identity of the author, the verification will be completed within 24 hours. But usually verification takes about two hours. After that, the author can publish their videos.