Agreement for the advertising of the content of the FriendsOnly Creator (Partner programme)

This Agreement, in which one party is the FriendsOnly Creator, on the one hand, and any person who has accepted the offers to advertise FriendsOnly Creator (hereinafter - “Partner”), on the other hand, hereinafter together – the Parties, entered into this public Agreement (further – The Agreement).

When providing Services parties accept the terms of this Agreement as follows:


Partner - party that is responsible for FriendsOnly Creators content advertising.

Referred Subscriber - by the purpose of this Agreement a natural person who, based on the information received from the Partner, followed the private special link of the Partner and paid to have access to one or several contents of the FriendsOnly Creator.

FriendsOnly - means an Our website https://friendsonly.me.

FriendsOnly Creator - means female, male and transgender individuals over the age of eighteen (18) or twenty one (21) (it depends on the concerning requirements of the respective jurisdiction) who has a Creator Account in the FriendsOnly website.

Special partners link - web address used in promotion of FriendsOnly Creator’s content by the Partner on Partners web resources required to identify the origin of the Subscriber.

Cookie - information left by the web server in the Subscriber's browser in order to save data specific to this Subscriber. In order to execute this agreement, the cookie is used by the FriendsOnly to identify the Partner from whom the Subscriber received information about the FriendsOnly Creators content.


1.1. Under this agreement, the Partner undertakes, for a fee, to perform, on behalf of the FriendsOnly Creator, on his behalf and at his expense, legal and other actions aimed at advertising the FriendsOnly Creator's content (hereinafter referred to as the "Services"). The FriendsOnly Creator, in turn, undertakes to pay the Partner a fee for the advertising of his Content offer.

1.2. Partner fee is 50% of the Creator’s Earnings from the Referred Subscribers.


2.1. The FriendsOnly Creator undertakes:

2.1.1. Timely pay for the Partner's services in the manner provided for in clause 3. of this agreement, subject to the following conditions:

 Payment from the Referred Subscriber has been made;

 The Partner has agreed with these provisions by joining this Partner programme on the website.

2.1.2. Provide the Partner with information materials about the FriendsOnly Creator's content and explanations on issues arising in connection with the execution of this agreement.

2.1.3. Keep records of the volume of services provided under this agreement.

2.1.4. Timely send the Partner information about all changes to this agreement in the manner prescribed by section 5 of this agreement.

2.2. The Partner undertakes:

2.2.1. Recognize the statistical data of the FriendsOnly Creators content to confirm the way of advertising FriendsOnly Creators content.

2.2.2. Provide the FriendsOnly Creator with proposals on the organization and composition of advertising for the FriendsOnly Creators content.

2.2.3. Provide, at the request of the FriendsOnly Creator, reliable information necessary for the execution of this agreement.

2.2.4. Provide the necessary accounting documents under the contract.

2.2.5. Use only his unique Partner link.

2.3. The Partner is prohibited from:

2.3.5. Distribute advertising information about the FriendsOnly Creators content in violation of the local legislation that depends on the territory of advertising.

2.3.6. Distribute advertising information on prohibited territories.

2.3.7. Usage of aggressive ways of advertising or harmful advertising for third parties.

2.3.8. Use fraud or break other advertisement rules.

2.4. The actual date of the beginning of the access to FriendsOnly Creators content by the Subscribers is determined on the basis of data obtained using the equipment used by the FriendsOnly to record the volume of services rendered by it.


3.1. To identify the Partner, the Partner's promotional code is put in the Subscriber's link by which Subscriber goes to Friendsonly.me website to access FriendsOnly Creators content. If these conditions are met, the Partner's promotional code is automatically set in the Subscriber's profile, which allows the website automatically identify it.

3.2. For an already registered Subscriber who followed a FriendsOnly Creator, the Partner's promotional code is not put down.

3.3. The Partner's remuneration is determined as a percentage of the cost of the services paid by the Subscriber to access FriendsOnly Creators content.

3.4. The calculation of the Partner's remuneration is made automatically using the FriendsOnly equipment, subject to the conditions established in clause 2.1.1 of this agreement.

3.5. The Partner can get acquainted with the statistics of attracting Subscribers by sending a written request by e-mail to the FriendsOnly Creators address specified in the details of the parties.

3.6. The payment of remuneration to the Partner can be made with no limitations by amount.

3.7. Website Friendsonly.me has rules of refunding for the subscriber. If subscriber wants a refund, that is approved by the Terms and conditions of the website Friendsonly.me, every party has to refund own part of the remuneration. Even in the case that any party has not enough balance on the website for refund, it’s refunded and that party has negative balance on the website and has to cover that part later.


4.1. The Parties are responsible for improper performance of the agreement in accordance with the legislation of the Singapore, taking into account the conditions established by the agreement. The Partner undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of the FriendsOnly credentials (a set of passwords for accessing the FriendsOnly technical resources and other information identifying the FriendsOnly or FriendsOnly Creator). The Partner has access to the information of the FriendsOnly, solely for the purpose of providing technical services.

4.2. FriendsOnly Creator is not liable to the Partner for any kind of damage incurred by the Partner due to the disclosure or loss of his credentials. Any person who has provided passwords and other confidential information required to identify the Partner, or using this data to log in to the account control panel, is considered as his representative, acting on his behalf. Access to the Partner's account in case of loss of the data necessary for this can be provided upon presentation of the original documents identifying him.

4.3. In the event of force majeure circumstances that prevent the fulfillment of obligations under this agreement, the period for the Parties to fulfill such obligations is postponed in proportion to the duration of the above circumstances, as well as the time required to eliminate their consequences, but not more than 60 (sixty) calendar days. In the event that force majeure circumstances continue to operate for more than the specified period, or when, upon their occurrence, it becomes obvious to both Parties that they will operate for more than this period, the Parties undertake to discuss the possibilities of alternative methods of executing this agreement or its termination without compensation for losses.


5.1. This agreement is concluded for the period of FriendsOnly Creators account existence and enters into force from the moment of Partners registration in Partner programme on the website Friendsonly.me.

5.2. Partner and/or FriendsOnly has the right to terminate this agreement by canceling programme on the website Friendsonly.me. If the Parties have no claims against each other, the agreement shall be deemed terminated 10 calendar days after the receipt of the said cancellation.

5.3. In case of material violation of the terms of this agreement by one of the Parties, the other has the right to unilateral termination of the agreement, about which in writing (possibly by e-mail or on the website) notifies the Party that violated the terms of the agreement.

5.4. The Friendsonly.me reserves the right to change the terms of this Partner program and, accordingly, the terms of this agreement unilaterally, by posting information on his own website.

5.5. In case of changes to this agreement, the FriendsOnly notifies other Parties on the website at least 10 (ten) calendar days before the above changes take effect.

If the Partner does not agree with the changes made, he has the right to unilaterally refuse to fulfill the contract by sending a written notification about this within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of receipt of the notification, in which case the agreement ceases to be effective from the moment the changes come into force. Upon receipt by the FriendsOnly of an official notification, after the entry into force of the changes, the agreement terminates from the moment of receipt of this notification.

Absence within 10 (ten) calendar days after sending a notification by e-mail, a written (facsimile) refusal to continue working on new conditions is considered the Partner's consent with the changes.

At the Partner's request, the FriendsOnly sends other parties the text of the additional agreement to the other parties email address for signing.

5.6. All types of email notifications are sent by the FriendsOnly to the email addresses or directly through the website specified in this agreement.

5.7. The agreement remains in effect in the event of a change in the details of the Parties, including a change in the name of the Parties, location, etc. In case of change in the details, the Parties are obliged to notify each other within 10 days. In this case, the Partner is obliged to notify other parties by sending a notification by e-mail and sending the original notification by mail or via a courier.


6.1. This agreement is drawn up in English and is located under FriendsOnly website in public. The agreement contains the final and complete terms of the agreement of the Parties and replaces all previous correspondence and preliminary negotiations of the Parties on its subject.

6.2. Neither Party can assign its rights and obligations under this agreement without the consent of the other.

6.3. The parties to this agreement recognize the legal force of the texts of documents received by e-mail or directly on the website, on an equal basis with documents executed in simple written form. An exception to this rule is the text of this agreement and other documents required for accounting, as well as notice of termination and amendment of the agreement and the exchange of claims, for which a simple written form is required.

6.4. All controversial issues are subject to negotiation. If the resolution of disputes and disagreements through negotiations is impossible, then they are subject to resolution in the manner prescribed by the current legislation of Singapore.

If you have a claim please provide it to FriendsOnly via email [email protected]

Published: October 2021