Please read carefully this Agreement (hereinafter - the “Agreement”) between user (hereinafter - “Subscriber”) and Creator prescribes terms which govern each exact transaction between a Subscriber and a Creator on FriendsOnly. Subscribe and Creator are the only parties of this Agreement, who participate in Subscriber/Creator Transaction.

This Agreement applies to the exclusion of any other terms which the Subscriber or Creator is a capable to propose each time when Subscriber/Creator Transaction is initiated on FriendsOnly.

Please pay attention to the fact that Friends Social Pte Ltd cannot be considered as a party of the Agreement.


"FriendsOnly" means a Our website https://friendsonly.me;

"Creator" means a User who has set up their FriendsOnly account as a Creator account to post Content on FriendsOnly to be viewed by other Friends;

"Subscriber" means a user following a Creator and is a capable to use (in scope of Copyrights and Our Policies provisions) the Creator's content;

"Content" means any material uploaded to FriendsOnly by any Subscriber, including, but not limited, any audios (for instance music and other sounds), videos (including streams/live streams), photos/images, GIFs;

"Transaction" means any financial transaction in US dollars or euros between a Creator and a Subscriber on FriendsOnly by which access is provided to the Creator's Content in such ways as a Subscription, or payments made by a Subscriber to be a capable to use a Content provided by the Creator (whether media, stream or other), or payments made by a Subscriber to use other services (for Gifts, instance, interaction function on a account of the Creator).

"Subscriber Payment" means any payment which made by a Subscriber in respect of any Transaction, and

"Subscription" means a monthly subscription by a Subscriber on FriendsOnly.


1.1. When the Subscriber enters into Transaction he agrees to pay the Payment applicable to the relevant person Transaction according to the Creator's account pricing published on FriendsOnly.

1.2. The Subscriber and Creator participating in the Transaction authorize Friends Social Pte Ltd (including any of its subsidiaries) to act as an intermediary and to collect, hold, and process the Subscriber Payment and any applicable VAT, to deduct the FriendsOnly Fee, and to pay out the sums due to Creators as described in the FriendsOnly Terms of Service..


2.1. Once the Friend has made the Payment for the Transaction, the Creator issues to the Subscriber an limited license to access the applicable FriendsOnly Content. This license shall not be consider as a sublicensable, transferable, and exclusive.

2.2. Subscriber can access a Content via both web browser and personal device (smartphone or kind of).


3.1. When the Subscriber participates in Transaction it is presumed that he acknowledges and agrees, that the license concerning Content issued in accordance with Section 2 of the Agreement, does not result in the Subscriber acquiring any rights in or to the respective Content.

3.2. All content which provided by the parties of this Agreement (videos, GIF, text, images, illustrations, sounds and/or any object placed on FriendsOnly) is subject to exclusive right of FriendsOnly. Publication of such content on other websites or other resources is prohibited without FriendsOnly’s consent.


4.1. The license issued to a Subscriber in accordance with the Content will expire automatically without notice in cases mentioned below:

4.1.1. if Transaction Payment was charged back, unsuccessful or reversed for any reason;

4.1.2. if the Content has been deleted by the Creator;

4.1.3. subscription period end;

4.1.4. if the Subscriber acts in breach of the FriendsOnly Acceptable Use Policy;

4.1.5. in the case of for any reason Subscriber's account is terminated (suspended).


5.1. It is presumed that every Transaction:

5.1.1. The Subscriber acknowledges that deal between the parties of this Agreement will result in a supply of the respective Content to the Subscriber before the end of the period of fourteen (14) days from Transaction entering date;

5.1.2. In the context of this Agreement shall not affect any statutory right to receive a refund from the Creator which a Subscriber may have in accordance with provisions of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (or any relevant law).


6.1. It is presumed that for every Transaction the Subscriber agrees to act subject to relevant Content in compliance with FriendsOnly Acceptable Use Policy.

6.2. The Creator warrants that it keeps all necessary rights concerning Content.

6.3. Only the Creator takes responsibility for Content which he uploads and creates.

6.4. When the Subscriber participates in the Transaction participating he acknowledges that Creators may add and remove Content at any time for suspicions of breaching FriendsOnly Terms and Service provisions.

If you have a claim please provide it to FriendsOnly via email [email protected]

Published: October 2021